Translator in China (Guangzhou)

Chinese language interpreter  in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the largest city in south of  China with the longest history of doing business. The policy of “opening to the outside world” began from south of China. Guangdong province is the most mature in a business sense, the culture of production, attitude, responsibility here is higher than in other parts of China mainland.
Mainland China almost does not speak English, so planning a business trip can not do without a professional translator of chinese language. To date, the proposal in the field of translation from chinese language is quite extensive. Varies greatly in cost and quality of services . Choosing a professional interpreter is the key to your comfortable stay and effective work.
Offer service of chinese language interpreter during exhibitions or in negotiations with factories in Guangdong, but also may travel to other provinces of China ( overhead costs paid by the client separately)
Service cost 150 EURO 8 hour working day, 170 EURO per day on a business trip .