Find manufacturers, product

As part of this service, help to find matufacturers of right product according to your request. For a more effective and efficient search its neсessary to provide more information about the required product, preferably with photos.  Search results  are provided from 3-4 factories.
Gathering information includes
  • contact data of the manufacture  (name , address, phone number, website)
  • the price for the requested products
  • terms of payment
  • production time
  • the minimum order quantity MOQ
  • information on production capacity, quantity of staff and workers
  • availability of export licenses , certificates of quality
  • experience of export business, the main export markets
  • Other requirements according to customer’s request
Service cost of searching for manufacturers in China is EURO 300 for information from 3-4 factories
Application’s work period is  4 working days.
The application is executed after receipt of payment