Checking the quality of the goods

Checking the quality of goods is one of the most popular services when dealing with China. Ideas of the chinese manufacturers about quality – what is rejects and what is not – can be very different from ideas of the buyer. In the process you may face the problems as
  • discrepancy nomenclature of goods with positions declared in order
  • apparent discrepancy of goods quality to the requirements of the customer
  • shipping of incomplete list of goods or partial quantity of the goods
  • mislabeling – not acording customer requirements
  • damaged packaging or packaging non-compliant the requirements of the client
  • inconsistency of the information specified packing list for customs and really loaded goods in a container
Before inspecting the goods the customer provides instructions on what to look for and what aspects are of fundamental importance. According to these requirements i do an inspection of goods, after provide a photo report (if necessary, and video report ) with my comments .
Practice shows that until payment of the balance is not received, the chinese side can agree on a replacement / correction / alteration products and virtually nothing is possible to do if the container has already been paid , and came to your country . Experience shows that to a product, which will be  inspected  by the client, chinese side pays more attention than to the other orders.
The cost of service for checking the quality of goods  400EURO + overhead costs